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The Core Nutrition & Wellness weight loss program shifts the paradigm for successful weight loss by focusing on high quality, real foods, supplementation when necessary, and one on one personalized counseling and accountability. We also use cutting edge technology to constantly monitor your progress and ensure that you are losing only fat and not important muscle mass. In addition, the outdated idea of "calories in, calories out," which in the past has been a constant source of failure and frustration for countless people trying to lose weight and keep it off, no longer stands. It's the quality of the calories that matters.

For example, did you know that the 100 calories in a cup of fresh organic berries is far superior to a 100-calorie bag of pretzels because of what these foods do to our bodies at the cellular level? The berries nourish us and provide vitality, helping us to lose weight, while the pretzels immediately turn to simple sugar, causing dangerous inflammation and actually adding to weight retention. This is just one example of the countless valuable truths about nutrition and healthy weight loss that you will learn and get to use for the rest of your life by joining the Core Nutrition & Wellness weight loss program and working with our staff.

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