Treat Yourself to a Plasma Facial

Get this PRP skin treatment at our med spa in Dobbs Ferry, NY

Have you heard about platelet-rich plasma facials? It's one of the latest beauty trends, and you can get one for yourself at Core Nutrition and Wellness in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

Your provider will draw your blood and separate out the red blood cells. The remaining plasma and platelets will go on your face and be micro-needled into your skin. Once it's in, the plasma will stimulate collagen growth, which helps tighten skin and reduce your wrinkles.

Try the latest in facial beauty technology for yourself. Get in touch with us today to schedule a plasma facial.

Discover the benefits of PRP skin treatments

There are plenty of advantages to PRP skin treatments. For starters, they're a great alternative to Dermal filler injectables. Also, these facials:

  • Transform the look of your skin safely
  • Aren't uncomfortable and don't require lengthy sessions
  • Won't cause an allergic reaction that can do more harm than good

Since the material used comes from your own body, you won't have to worry about reacting to skin care products. Find out more about PRP skin treatments when you reach out to us today.