Reclaim Your Beauty Routine From Tweezing and Shaving

Schedule IPL laser hair removal services in Dobbs Ferry, NY

There's an easier way to deal with unwanted body hair than constant tweezing and plucking. If you're ready to simplify your beauty routine, visit Core Nutrition and Wellness for IPL laser hair removal services. We use intense pulsed light technology (IPL) to weaken your follicles so that your hair doesn't grow back.

Ready to see what professional hair removal can do for your self-care routine? Call or email us now to schedule an appointment. We're located in Dobbs Ferry, NY, right off Palisade Street.

Why choose laser hair removal?

You'll find that there are many benefits to IPL laser hair removal. When you request our hair removal services, you're taking steps to:

  • Prevent ingrown hair growth
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend grooming
  • Avoid irritating your skin from excessive shaving

To ensure that you get smooth and flawless skin, we recommend that you schedule six to eight IPL laser hair removal sessions with our specialist. Discuss your hair removal needs with a professional when you contact us today.